Play the Big Big Big 2 card game on your own or with your friends

Gather some friends and play Big Big Big2 via Wi-Fi network or play on your own to build up your skills.

A simple game with an added networking twist, Big Big Big 2 doesn't enhance the classic Chinese poker card game but it does allow you to play with your friends. If you are used to playing card games on computers and old game consoles, then Big Big Big 2 app might be one of the simpler pastimes you can take advantage of on your smartphone.

When it comes to the app's interface, going through the menus and options is pretty straightforward. The game settings and visual settings menu offer enough options to customize the game to your liking, but not so many you get lost before the first hand is dealt. The game itself has two different player modes. For the single game, you'll be pitted against three opponents generated by the game. While this was a good way to help you build your strategy or learn the game, we liked the Wi-Fi multiplayer mode, which allows you to play with others in your social network. With this setting, one of the player's smartphones acts as the server unit, and others connect to play. It was easy to set up and use this mode, and it seemed to make the game more competitive when played against real users.

Even if you haven't played Chinese poker before, you can still enjoy Big Big Big 2. Like other card games, you can replay this one over and over, but those who prefer to go up against live players will like the networking aspect this game brings to the table.

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