Fake a Wi-Fi network hacking attempt to entertain your friends with Wifi Hack

Trick your friends into believing you are hacking into a Wi-Fi network, when really you're not.

Simulating access to any type of Wi-Fi network, Wifi Hack can bring you a couple of minutes of fame as a hacker. However, even though it's fun to see your phone pierce its way through a Wi-Fi network in a fake manner, the entertainment with the Wifi Hack app only lasts once for every set of audience that you show your trick to.

Upon accessing the app, you are simply given a list of available Wi-Fi networks in the area. The list is of course based on the actual available networks that your unit can detect. Choose one of these, and the app will start babbling out some technical computer status update lines. It will try to look like it is technically doing something, but in reality those are just words written on the screen. After successfully hacking into the selected network, the Wi-Fi indicator will show up, falsely telling that it is already connected to the desired network.

It's quite fun to use actually, especially if you show it off to your friends who haven't heard about this app. The trick can even be more convincing if you have 3G or 4G connection at the moment, since you can show to them that you are really connected to the Internet. Functionally, though, the Wifi Hack app does not have anything to offer, and the trick would get old pretty easily after each of your friends sees it once.

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