Enjoy an adventure game on your Android device with the Temple Run app

Progress through the Temple Run game by collecting items and bonuses while running straight through different obstacles and pitfalls.

Simple to control, with equally progressive levels and always something new at each regular interval, Temple Run will definitely keep your attention. While it's not the best, Temple Run can certainly be described as one of the most notable games that you can play on your Android device.

This app offers a pretty standard interface. There is the game start button, settings and other options. The controls seem a bit strange at first but are actually quite technically intuitive. This means that you'll have an easier time learning the quirks of this app's swiping controls. What we found a bit defective, though, is that the controls would sometimes hiccup midgame. We don't really know if this is an internal problem in the game, but this hiccup makes it a bit difficult to progress to more advanced levels. Fortunately, it can be fixed with a simple pause. The graphics of the game are not the best around, but they are decent, as they can match some of the simpler semi-3D games on an old PS2 gaming console.

Generally, this is an addictive and fun game. Once you start playing Temple Run you can easily understand why this app has already garnered more than a million downloads. The balanced progression of levels and the availability of interesting power-ups are what we liked in this game the most, as it totally enhances its overall playability.

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