Stay in contact with your friends with Tango Voice & Video Calls

Call, video call, or message your friends through this free Android communication app.

Web-based communication apps offering free voice and video calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G as well as text messaging are some of the must-have apps for any Android device. Tango Voice & Video Calls lets you easily connect to friends while making your communication free and fun.

The primary menu of this app takes users to the standard line-up-at-the-top arrangement of most interfaces in mobile OS platforms, with options like calls, messages, and settings organized at the upper part of the screen. This makes the presentation of basic options easy and intuitive, since you've most likely already encountered such interface arrangements in other apps. The text messaging function of the app is quite good. The messages are sent with more or less the same speed as if you were actually writing a standard text message. Video calls are quite good as well. You don't have to use the video call mode to send video messages, as you can simply send a video file as a message. The Tango Surprises features also brings a little bit more color to your app by providing animated graphics to help express yourself better than just writing emoticons. These animations are not just small icons but they are real, full animations that most of the time fill the entire screen.

While there are many other Internet-based communication apps out there, Tango still certainly holds a good position when it comes to overall quality. It is not exactly a must-download app, but you can solidly support your decision if you choose this app as your extra phone-based communication medium.

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