Enjoy playing a suspense game on your Android device with the SlenderMan app

Wander through the dark night and collect different clues, all the while managing to avoid getting in contact with the SlenderMan.

Inspired by the famous Internet urban legend the SlenderMan, this app provides adequate amounts of thrills and scares to simulate the real experience of being chased by this creepy figure while running around in dark looking for clues. The SlenderMan app will keep your focus, but there are some things that could be improved.

The interface of the game is rather simple. Instead of giving you full multidirectional access to the environment, you're simply given forward, backward, and turn and run buttons. The X button is supposed to be the exit button, but it somehow did not work on our test device, as we always had to manually push the back button to exit. As for the game experience itself, it's rather thrilling to collect all of the clues as SlenderMan gets closer and closer to your location. However, unlike the more popular PC indie game version, this SlenderMan can be actually seen moving. That may add to the pressure and intensity, but it doesn't help at all with the surprise and suspense factor. We would like to see SlenderMan instantly at a place. He needs to teleport in order to really give that genuine scare that is accurately depicted in the original description of the character.

Generally, however, playing SlenderMan was still a fun experience. It may not have a high replayability factor due to the simplicity of the actual game objective, but we don't think that's the main point of this game anyway.

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