Browse the Web with Opera Mini app

Enjoy the lightest and fastest Web browser app that you can ever use on Android.

Opera Mini is perhaps the most compact Web browser you can use for your Android device. It's smart, has easy-to-access options, and best of all, pages accessed in Opera Mini load very fast, even when compared to other browsers with the same data transfer speed.

Upon launch, Opera Mini takes you directly to the Quick Launch menu. When presented in its live link feed mode however, it instead displays links to Web pages that are related to the ones you have visited using the app. It is, after all, touted as the smart Web browser app that adjusts and changes what it displays based on how you've used it. When it comes to its Web browsing capabilities, we noticed that it loads web pages very quicklyt. It seems to have its own Web page rendering engine, using the simplest display algorithms and Web page visuals to efficiently load the entire page very, very quickly. It was quite convenient that it had a Google search bar right beside the address bar, as it provided us with simple but quick search access. Using Opera Mini truly resembles using a PC based browser.

Opera Mini lives up to its name. The size of the app is no more than 900Kb, making it less than one-fifth the size of some of the more mainstream apps used on Android devices. With its fast loading times, smart display, simple interface, and convenient features, Opera Mini is perhaps one of the best browsers out there.

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