Access the hottest TV shows and movies on the Web with Netflix

Stream and watch high quality videos, favorite TV shows and movies on your Android device with popular Netflix app.

Having access to a potentially infinite cache of media files at your fingertips is a nice thought. However, you need a stable app that can deliver those files quickly and efficiently to your Android device, and that is exactly what the Netflix app is designed to do.

Placed on a throne as the world's leading Internet subscription service for streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix went an extra mile and created its mini version for Android devices. The interface of the Netflix app is more or less straightforward; there's a shows option, a search bar, and some account-based options like personal playlists. It's a slightly simplified version of the interface that you would usually have if you were using Netflix on your TV. If you need to search, there's the search bar. If you need some of the more popular shows, the option is right in front of the app screen, and if you have your own video playlist, you can also import it from your account. Probably the most convenient feature that we found on this app was that since your user settings are saved on the cloud, when you watch a video on another machine or TV you can resume watching exactly from where you left off at the previous device.

Offering most of the same features and quality of service as its predecessor, the Netflix app brings convenience to anyone on the go. Its cloud-based capabilities are its strongest point, which augments the already great video streaming features that it has to offer.

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