Playback videos in any file format on your Android unit with MX Video Player

Add the ability to playback videos in any file format on your Android device with MX Video Player.

MX Video Player is perhaps not the best, but it's definitely one of the better media player apps out there. The app can access all video file formats and includes a lot of options that you can use to change the viewing environment of your videos.

This app offers a very straightforward interface, especially if you're only using it to access mainstream files. At the starting screen you're simply given the set of available videos on your device. The interface of the player has all the standard buttons when playing a file, as well as several other nifty options. First there is the live decoding option, which is the button in the upper right corner. Then there is the display adjuster in the lower right corner. You can also control data streams with the subtitle and audio stream buttons. Slide your finger sideways anywhere on the play screen to fast-forward the video, upward or downward at the left to adjust the brightness, and upward and downward on the screen to adjust the volume. The performance of the app is largely affected by the processor and GPU of the device. We tested it on our old Android 2.2 and newer Android 4.0 test units and it has performed quite well on both.

Perhaps one of the main advantages that MX Video Player offers when you have all the necessary codecs downloaded properly is the ability to act as a universal media player for your device. It's very convenient, quick to access, easy to use and has an adequate amount of adjustment options. Unless you have incompatibility problems this will be a great media player for you.

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