Track communication on any Android device with Mobile Tracker

With Mobile Tracker you can track every SMS and call made by the phone it's installed on.

Reliable and resilient, Mobile Tracker can actively track down the phone on which it is installed, providing you with every single bit of data that the device receives and transmits. Installation is quite straightforward, and depending on which device it's used on, it may even be permanent.

For the mobile version, the tracker interface presents a simple list of most recent contacts divided into two categories, via direct call and via SMS. When it comes to the PC version's tracker interface, it largely depends on the type of Web messenger software that you plan to use with it. There are no calls or messaging history lists, but the contact notifications from the Mobile Tracker will be presented as messages in the software, so you can still collect and archive them. Updates regarding calls and messages on the tracked device are sent almost instantaneously, so you can see how the phone is being used in real time.

We tried uninstalling the app on an old Android 2.3 test device, but it somehow cannot be removed. We even did a factory reset, but we were still unsuccessful. This didn't happen on another Gingerbread unit though, so it probably depends on the unit.

The Mobile Tracker app works as advertised and is relatively simple to use. This app could perhaps come in handy for parents wanting to monitor their kids' phone use.

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