Search and download your favorite MP3 files and play them via Easy MP3 Music Downloads Pro

Connect directly to almost all available music download links on the Web, as well as play music files with Easy MP3 Music Downloads Pro.

This app not only provides an alternative environment for you to browse and play music, but it also allows you to pick off those music files directly from the Web. Easy MP3 Music Downloads Pro acts as both a download manager and a media player.

The starting interface of Easy MP3 Music Downloads Pro resembles the interface of Android's default music player app. There's the playlist, artists and albums section. Thus it is probably technically impossible for anyone to get lost in it. The basic functions are also quite the same. You can choose a music file from the offered categories and it will borrow the Android player while keeping it in its own interface. What's best about it, though, is that it allows you to get straight download links for music files. All you have to do is input a keyword in the search bar and it will provide you with a direct link to the music file itself. No need to visit the Web site or any online database to download the file, as you can do it directly from the app without any hassle.

Easy MP3 Music Downloads Pro offers the perfect option for people who want to do quick searches of possible downloadable music files. It saves time and provides a clean list of files that you may want to download for your device. Its other features are pretty much just an auxiliary addition to its primary function.

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