Shopping Cart Hero 3 will keep you glued to your phone

Jump right into this fun and challenging jumper game.

Some of our favorite iOS games are the ones that focus on simplicity when it comes to gameplay and design. Shopping Cart Hero 3 is such a game. It involves sending a little stick-figure-like guy down a hill in a shopping cart and scoring points for making successful jumps and landings. Despite the simple premise, it was surprisingly challenging and super addictive.

Before jumping into Shopping Cart Hero 3, you can click on the question mark to find out which motions to use to play the game. You can practice as much as you like to get the hang of it. Swipe your finger across the screen to move forward; tap the sign for a boost in speed; tap the appropriate sign to jump; and tilt the phone to balance and land on your wheels (this was probably the most challenging motion, though we were able to master it fairly quickly). The better your jump, the more points you earn and the more upgrades you can make. On our first real (and mediocre) jump, we scored a measly 63 points -- not enough to make an upgrade. But on the second run, we had over 100 points, which was enough to buy a football helmet that boosted our style points. Premium unlocks can be purchased, but the game is fun enough without them. A trophy symbol shows you all the achievements you've earned while playing the game. Though the main character is a stick figure, the graphics are bright and colorful, right down to the farm animals that greet you at the bottom of the hill after your jump.

That's really all there is to Shopping Cart Hero 3, which was fine by us. It's nice to quickly jump into a game without having to spend too much time learning the ins and outs. For that reason, it's already become a popular app in our game rotation.

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