Get to know Instagram friends with InstaMessage

Chat privately with your Instagram friends.

InstaMessage is a free social app that lets you privately chat with members of the popular Instagram image-sharing service in a text-message-style format. Its simple-to-use interface will have you getting to know the people behind the pictures in no time.

To begin with, you sign in to InstaMessage using your Instagram log-in information. There are four menu options, giving the choices to explore other user profiles, invite friends to chat using InstaMessage, access friends' Instagrams, and access your profile. We found a friend by exploring profiles that were in our location. After tapping the Chat button on his profile, we were taken to a chat screen that looked just like an iPhone's Messages screen for texting. And just as in regular texting, we were able to chat with our friend without a hitch. The makers of InstaMessage claim that you can use the app to chat with popular celebrities, which is a bit of a stretch. First, they have to be on InstaMessage, and, second, they have to actually want to chat with you; there is a Block button that will shut down a conversation before it even begins. You can access and manage your Block list through the Setting menu on your profile page.

All in all, we found InstaMessage to be a great social app for getting to know Instagram members without making your conversation public to all users.

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