Get free calls and text messages for your smartphone with Viber

Call and text anyone for free from your smartphone, but be prepared for a few glitches.

If you can overlook some connectivity issues, Viber adds a convenient Internet calling and messaging platform to your smartphone. Like other messaging platforms, anyone you want to connect with will need to have Viber installed as well.

Users who've spent time with any other messaging program should have no trouble with Viber's interface. It offers the standard options, giving you quick access to chats, text messages and calls. There aren't any unique or groundbreaking features on offer, but we found each option easy to use. We did have some issues with our test calls, and the connection wasn't always stable, but we had no problems with the text messages. The bigger barrier, though, is that everyone you want to communicate with will need to have Viber installed as well. This isn't unique, either. Most platforms, from Facebook to Yahoo! Messenger, operate this way, and we liked that Viber streamlines the process as much as possible. If you spend a lot of time on the phone or messaging with a group of folks who don't mind downloading another app, it could be very useful.

Although we had some stability issues when making calls, Viber worked well overall and it costs you nothing to try.

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