Make calls and more with Skype, a leader in the field of VoIP technology

Communicate with other phones using an Internet connection and enjoy direct video calls with compatible mobile devices.

We were already impressed years ago when Skype was first introduced on a full OS, but when its video call features are applied on a mobile OS, it gets even better.

The familiar blue-and-white interface makes a comeback in the mobile version of Skype. Things are a little simplified, of course, but the critical elements are easily accessible. You can quickly build up your contact list with the option to import all of your contact information from your phone's list. The call quality was high in our tests, and the video calls didn't lag and appeared very natural. This version of Skype adds the option to use your back camera as an alternate video feed unit in case you want to show something to the person you are talking to, which helped make calls seem even more dynamic. Skype communication standards are still applicable with the mobile version, so there are no additional charges if you contact another smartphone that also uses the Skype app.

With this version, we think that Skype brings one of the best VoIP experiences that you can have for a mobile unit. Recommended for any user.

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