All the features of RealPlayer with a few touch-screen twists

Add a multimedia player to your smartphone with the top-notch RealPlayer Beta.

Your smartphone media usage could take a hit, but that would be the only complaint about RealPlayer beta, the Android version of the popular multimedia player that handles images, videos, and music.

The sleek, intuitive interface of RealPlayer is divided into three media types, music, photos, and videos, with a few subcategories for the first, such as Artists, Songs, and Playlists. If you choose Songs, Videos, or Photos, a list of available files is shown and you just have to select one to run or view it. As promised, you can easily create playlists, so you don't have to keep finding and playing a new song every few minutes. With images, you'll be given a few simple but welcome editing options (crop, rotate) and the nearly ubiquitous option to share your pictures with your social network. Videos appeared sharp and played without problems. We got good results with RealPlayer in our tests regardless of media type.

Watching multimedia files on your smartphone is something that can be easily done with the default apps and players. However, accessing them all in just one convenient app is a big plus. We recommend RealPlayer Beta to any media lover with an Android device.

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