Simplify image editing with PicsArt, a handy mobile phone app

A touch-screen interface can simplify image editing on your phone.

With its nice range of editing options combined with the simplicity of touch-screen controls, PicsArt is a handy photo-editing app.

The main interface is colorful, and the primary options to edit, add effects, access the camera, and create collages are easily accessible. Menus vary by task. In most cases, it only takes a couple of taps to add a border, remove red-eye, or apply one of the numerous effects. Other settings were quickly adjusted with a swipe to move a slider left or right. As the controls were simple and easy to understand, we could really focus on the fun of making our friend look like a cartoon or adding captions to the vacation photos. We were also impressed by how easy it was to create collages with the pre-set "frames."

While it wasn't hard to figure out this intuitive program, we should note that there are some nice how-to video tutorials on the PicsArt site on everything from selecting multiple images for your collage to applying the motion-blur effect. You'll find all the tools needed to easily share your work with others, and even though PicsArt has its own social network, the app very nicely integrates with Facebook, Picasa, and others, as well.

Some mobile OS photo-editing apps offer less, sacrificing options for ease of use. PicsArt manages to keep things simple and offer enough editing options to keep most users happy.

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