Create your American football team with Big Win Football

Create your own 2D football game team and build their superstar career for the upcoming gaming season.

It may not appeal to gamers looking only for action, but Big Win Football strikes a nice balance between the game and team management.

Big Win Football offers a simple interface with straightforward menus and options that are, for the most part, easy to navigate. The player management menu was somewhat daunting initially, but it was easier than we expected to figure it out. We liked the idea that you can build and strengthen your team using a certain player rosters which makes it a tiny bit more realistic. And, since player stats are also involved in each game, each member of the team can potentially contribute something different to overall gameplay strategy. The actual football game itself is pretty reminiscent of what you can play on older game consoles, primarily because the game uses a 2D engine. Just like other games made by HotHead Games, the mechanics itself are rather simple, and you'll most likely get the hang of them with just a few tries.

Hardcore sports game fanatics might want more pure action than Big Win Footbal has to offer, but with its focus on simplicity and a nice balance of team management and gameplay, casual users should find this to be a game they can enjoy over and over again.

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