Dash about the field, pass with precision, and lead your team to victory in FIFA 11

Find amazing graphics and good game play with FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 is another installment in the ever-popular FIFA simulation. The app is available from several locations, including iTunes, and installs easily. FIFA 11 has high resolution graphics, which means there's a large file to download, but that's the only drawback.

FIFA 11 lets you control the action with movements of your iPhone or iPad. Tilting the device controls the direction of the players, which works well on these small devices with no keyboard or mouse. You can set up games with ease, choosing from over 500 teams in 35 reproduction stadiums. The graphics are amazing, and just touring around the stadium is an interesting experience. Of course, the real idea is to play the game, and that takes a little while to get good at, but once you've mastered the controls you'll be zipping in and around players, passing onto the foot of an onrushing colleague, and burying the ball in the goal. You can also play against others through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which raises the game to another level.

FIFA 11 is a solid game, with no issues at all in our testing. We enjoyed playing against the device's automated opponent, but head to head against friends was a different game (and more fun). If you're into football (soccer) then FIFA 11 is a great game.

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