Fix up and share your Android snapshots with FotoFlexer Free

Edit and share your photos easily with this Android app.

You're probably tired of transferring your digital snapshots from your phone to your PC or laptop just to edit them or apply effects before saving and sharing them. If you have an Android device, you can fix your pics on the fly -- and fix them up with cool effects, too. The app FotoFlexer provides an easy way to crop, correct, resize, and edit your images via your camera, galleries, or Web albums. It also makes it incredibly easy to apply all kinds of special effects to your pictures; everything from negatives to sepia to neon and pop art. FotoFlexer Free lets you try most of FotoFlexer's features and lots of effects, but upgrading to the full version gives you more of each.

We installed and opened FotoFlexer Free, and selected Gallery as a source. We browsed to and selected an image to edit. FotoFlexer gave us three size options: Normal, High, and Max. We pressed Adjust from the tools window. Paired sliders let us adjust Brightness and Contrast as well as Hue and Saturation. As with the other controls, the icons and sliders are large enough to see and use, even outdoors in daylight. Next we tapped open the Effects menu. FotoFlexer Free includes a dozen effects ranging from Bronze to Sketch and including three shades of neon (red, green, and blue) as well as Invert, Blueprint, and Grayscale. Under Tools, we could Crop, Rotate, and Flip our image in either direction. Next we tried applying effects to images using our camera. Pressing the effects wand produced a scrolling menu of effects previews. Tapping the effect we wanted applied it directly to the image on our screen. We could apply effects like Warm Vintage, Cold Vintage, Washed Out, and Sepia. Our favorite was the Negative effect, which produced awesome colors as we changed the lighting and exposure.

We had tons of fun with FotoFlexer Free. We didn't even mention (until now) how easy it makes sharing your photos online at tons of sites, too, including FotoFlexer's own online photo hosting and editing Web site.

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