Add troll faces to your photos with Trollolol

Add all kinds of troll faces to photos easily with this free Android app.

Troll + LOL = Trollolol. Dordev's free Android app detects faces and covers them with troll faces and other "rage faces," simple cartoons with exaggerated emotional expressions. As Internet memes, troll faces transcend their deliberately sketchy lameness by exposing the truth behind the image (ironically, by masking it). But troll faces are serious fun, too. Trollolol (like "tra-la-la") simply applies popular troll and rage-comic faces to your photos directly from your Android smartphone. No more uploading, desktop utilities, and other nuisances; a few quick thumb swipes and the picture that's worth a thousand words is ready to send.

Trollolol is totally easy to use, with simple controls and basic settings. We started with images from our gallery. Trollolol automatically detected and applied troll faces. A scrolling preview panel shows the most common rage-comic faces, starting with the original classic troll face with the lopsided grin (you can add many more faces, too). To apply troll faces directly, simply tap the menu and then drag the faces into place, or tap the X to delete them. Sliders let us rotate and resize our troll faces to fit. Of course, we could add troll faces to any photo or image, not just portrait or group shots, and not just to pictures of people. But the automatic face detection feature makes applying troll faces supereasy to do with one hand, on the go. Trollolol makes sharing your creations just as easy: press the share button and choose Save in Gallery, Email, or any of your device's available apps, such as Facebook, chat apps, and other social media.

We had a good time applying troll faces to friends and relations, but the biggest surprise came when we snapped a wall photo of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and let Trollolol's automatic face detection work its magic. It immediately covered FDR's face with the "Yao Ming Face," which is also known by other names. But we never noticed before how much it looks like another president, Ronald Reagan. Weird, but that's sort of the point. Trollolol just makes it easy.

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