Create photo mosaics in various shapes

Assemble a number of images into a photo collage, save it, then upload to social media.

Heart Booth is a photo collage app that lets you select a general shape and then apply a mosaic of photos in the same shape. The basic app is free from iTunes, and there's a full version available for 99 cents. Heart Booth installs easily.

To use Heart Booth you choose a basic shape from more than 120 in the app, or you can draw your own shape if you wish using your finger or keyboard. You then select a tile from the grid that is superimposed over the shape, and start taking photos with the camera (or choosing photos from your Photo Album) which then populates the grid, one at a time. You can edit the photos and their locations to make them fit the shape a little better, if you wish. When you're done, you have a photo mosaic of images with the original shape superimposed over it through photo elements. You can save and share the result.

Heart Booth is a very popular app around the world, and we can see why it will appeal to the younger audience. While it takes a bit of time to get the photos selected and arranged, the Heart Booth app is quite easy to use. The results can also be impressive, when time is taken. Since this is a free app, there's no reason not to try it!

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