Get news about the popular manga series with Dragon Ball Z GT

Receive push notifications as soon as something new is released about "Dragon Ball."

Dragon Ball Z GT is an app that delivers information about the popular "Dragon Ball" manga series. One of the most popular manga and anime series of all time, "Dragon Ball" has a legion of fans who follow every development in the series. Dragon Ball Z GT helps you do just that.

Dragon Ball Z GT covers all the editions of "Dragon Ball" and the latest fan sites, as well as official sites. When there's a new post, a push notification can let you know about it right away. The app combs social media sites, as well as video and other content areas, looking for anything related to the series and lets you know about it right away. You can also use Dragon Ball Z GT to comment on anything that's pushed to your iPhone and iPad, sharing your thoughts with others. The app lets you create a log-in on the publisher's site, too.

We suspect that for the fanatical followers of "Dragon Ball," this will be a must-have app. It lets you know as soon as anything gets posted on any covered site, which is what fans will want. And in our testing, the app worked just as promised.

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