Monitor and control your security video system remotely with DMSS

With DMSS, controlling your security cameras from anywhere is easy.

DMSS is an app that enables you to use your iPhone or iPad to view and control video streams from cameras and video encoders. Ideally suited to controlling and viewing security cameras, DMSS is available from the App Store and is easy to install. The Pro version of the software sells for 99 cents.

The DMSS interface is simple. There's a video stream window with a small number of controls below for moving the camera, zooming, and so on (if the camera supports these functions). There are quite a few controls built into DMSS, but only the basics are displayed by default to keep the interface clean. To use DMSS you first need to supply the IP address of the DVR that the video cameras are attached to, as well as port number, username, and a password. Once all this information is supplied the standard DMSS interface appears. If the DVR you connect to has multiple feeds, you can change feeds easily. You can also display four feeds at the same time on the screen (although with an iPhone the video is quite small). There are many configuration possibilities within DMSS, for those systems that require special handling.

We tested DMSS by remotely attaching to our building's security center. It took a few minutes to get the parameters correct, but once done we had live streaming video from the four security cameras. We could pan, tilt, zoom, replay (through the DVR), and change cameras with ease. We were impressed with the capabilities of DMSS, and think something like this will appeal to everyone from homeowners who want to watch their property to security professionals.

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