Access a virtual workspace that has Microsoft Office and other apps with CloudOn

Access Office and Adobe Reader, and share files easily, with CloudOn's virtual workspace.

CloudOn lets you add Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and several other apps to your iPad through the use of cloud computing. CloudOn also lets you use your cloud storage accounts to handle your files. It installs easily.

CloudOn provides access to a clouded workspace with applications such as Microsoft Office. You can use CloudOn to edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on your iPad. You can also access your cloud storage accounts, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others for file storage from the workspace. With Adobe Reader and File Viewer also installed on the workspace, you can see almost every file type available. While you need to have decent connectivity to take advantage of the workspace remotely from your iPad, this is a viable solution when you're traveling or away from your main computers and need to access or modify files quickly.

We used CloudOn for a while in testing (you need to set up an account, obviously). We did experience some issues with CloudOn crashing on occasion, without any common cause, but hopefully this will be addressed quickly. The ability to quickly access our Dropbox account and edit a Word document on the iPad was fantastic, and the ability to then e-mail that modified file to others makes this an ideal tool for quick, on-demand work when all you have available is your iPad.

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