Chat app for Instagram users

Use this app to chat and share information with other Instagram users.

If you want to get more out of Instagram, the popular site for photo-sharing and socializing, InstaTalks adds the ability to chat live with other Instagram users. The only drawback is that it doesn't indicate whether your Instagram contacts have the program as well, which is required for you to chat with them.

You'll immediately feel at home with the interface of InstaTalks, which shares the blue-and-white theme of the Instagram site. Its clean, professional design make it easy to get started. While there weren't any unique features on offer, InstaTalks includes most of the typical chat options and functionality. By default, you'll see your list of Instagram contacts, but we do wish there was a way to tell if those in your circle also have InstaTalks. The contact list includes their full name, user name, and, of course, an image, but you'll have to know in advance whether or not they have the program so you can chat together. Those who want to expand their network will definitely like the advanced search query. This lets you search for potential friends across the globe by their age, gender, or location, but again, it isn't possible to know in advance whether they have InstaTalks or not.

InstaTalks has the potential to add another layer of social networking to your Instagram account, but we'd like to see some of the contact list issues fixed so you know who you'll be able to chat with.

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