Get your daily dose of cuteness with My Dragon

Raise and take care of your very own pet dragon.

Have you ever played Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS? Those adorable little pups just warm our hearts every time we see them on the small screen. Now how about playing a "hotter" version of this game? You'll be surprised at what My Dragon has to offer for your cuteness cravings.

From the loading screen to the game itself, the cartoonlike interface is colorful and well-designed. The objective of the app is to raise and care for your dragon, but you'll need to do more than just feed it. You also need to interact with your new dragon, playing with it and petting it just like you would with any pet. The look and design of your dragon depends entirely upon you. The design menu lets you change the dragon's skin, add horns, and other customized features. We like that you can change your dragon at any time and that you aren't stuck with your first design for the entire game. The graphics of this game are top-notch, and that really adds to the overall enjoyment.

It's not just about graphics, though, because My Dragon includes tasks that you can accomplish to earn points (called Dragon Scales) that allow you to add more dragons to your brood. You can purchase items with real money, but we found this free game to be quite fun without spending any extra cash. The cute factor is high with this fun, engaging game that's suitable for any user.

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