Mechanized horned equine assault for Android

Robot Unicorn Attack is a side-scrolling game in which the objective is rather simple: do not fall off (or crash into an obstacle) and die.

Although there are only two buttons available for use (jumping and dashing), players will find themselves overwhelmed by the increasing difficulty of the game as the score gets higher. As the scrolling becomes progressively faster, chain jumping and dashing is required to cross particularly difficult obstacles. Gameplay involves leaping over gorges, collecting fairies, and dashing through giant crystallized stars for further points. The points gained for collecting fairies or dashing through stars increases with every consecutive action. You are awarded with a happily squeaking dolphin rising above from seemingly nowhere every 5,000 points. You get three lives, called wishes. The points gained in each of the three wishes are added together to sum up the final score.

The mobile version of Robot Unicorn Attack also comes with the option to switch to Gesture mode, in which the actions of jumping and double jumping are performed by tapping the screen while dashing is activated by a swiping motion. Gesture mode is markedly more challenging and is recommended for players who have grown tired of pressing two buttons.

All in all, Robot Unicorn Attack for Android feels and plays almost exactly like the original browser game. The only downside is the noticeable lag that can interfere with gameplay and make for some frustrating moments when chasing down that high score. But with gameplay that needs no instruction, it is enjoyable for every age level. The charm and aesthetic of Robot Unicorn Attack, along with Erasure's mesmerizing song "Always," will leave you entranced while trying to improve your score.

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