Sync between your Mac and mobile devices easily

Sync files, contacts, e-mails, and other data with ease using SyncMate.

SyncMate is an app that synchronizes content between a Mac and mobile devices (iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile). You can also sync e-mail and contacts with external cloud providers like Google and Yahoo. SyncMate is easy to install.

When it's launched, you can configure SyncMate to synchronize a number of sources from the Mac with your mobile devices. As mentioned, you can sync e-mails, contacts, files, music, video, and other types of content quite easily. You can even synchronize with handheld gaming platforms like the Sony PSP. Syncing can be done in real time, if the devices are all online, so that changes on one platform are reflected on the others right away. If you use one of the paid versions of SyncMate, you can also convert video file formats. The SyncMate interface is clean. You select the sources you want to sync from a list on the left, and your sync processes are displayed on the right. A set of icons across the top handle most of the common tasks quickly.

SyncMate worked in our testing with a variety of mobile platforms including iPad, iPhone, and several Android devices. We did different syncs with each platform, and all went well. Configuring the syncs is easy once you understand the process, and we encountered no problems with the program.

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