Convert audio files to formats the Mac can handle

Select and convert audio files, then batch-convert them to MP3, AIFF, or WAV with Switch Audio Converter for Mac.

Switch Audio Converter for Mac is a sound-file format converter that takes files in a number of formats and recodes them in formats the Mac can handle. As it's not available through the App Store at the time of review, we obtained our copy from the publisher's Web site.

To use Switch Audio Converter for Mac you can add files to the interface through browsing or by drag and drop. The Switch Audio Converter for Mac interface is straightforward. The dialog box shows a list of files to convert, their existing format and size, and any metadata associated with the file. Icons at the top let you add more files or folders, as well as set conversion parameters and launch the conversion process on all queued files. By default, the input files are converted to MP3 format, but AIFF and WAV files are also supported. There's the option to automatically normalize audio when converting, so volume differences can be accommodated. Also, there's the ability to handle audio tracks from video files (AVI, MOV, and MPEG formats).

Switch Audio Converter for Mac worked as advertised, and we didn't encounter any problems in testing. We liked the ability to create a long list of files to convert by searching folders and then trigger the conversion while we went off to do other things. While there are other apps available that provide more file format support, Switch Audio Converter for Mac has all the most commonly used formats, and we liked it.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Switch Audio Converter 4.30.

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