Set desktop wallpaper easily, restoring lost functionality from Leopard

Choose and set different wallpaper for each desktop on your system and manage desktops more easily with SpaceSuit.

SpaceSuit is an app that lets you select pictures to use for different desktops. This was a feature supported by OS X Leopard, but later versions of Mac OS X have removed this customization capability. SpaceSuit restores that option, allowing you to have a different background image for each desktop. SpaceSuit was not available in the App Store for this review, but we downloaded it from several sites on the Web.

Using SpaceSuit you can set a new desktop wallpaper by simply dragging any image over the program icon, which immediately sets the wallpaper to that image. To remove a wallpaper, simply click on the SpaceSuit icon to bring up a menu, which also lets you change the screen resolution, rename desktops, or change the wallpaper. The animations SpaceSuit uses when changes are made are cool.

SpaceSuit has a simple purpose, but one that those who like using different desktops will really appreciate. SpaceSuit has a clean interface and gives you back some of the customization options that Mac OS X users have lost lately. In our testing, the program worked perfectly.

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