Stream video from your Mac to your game console

Play back all standard-format video files from your Mac to PS3.

PS3 Media Server for Mac is a UPnP media server designed to stream most media files with a minimum of configuration required between your Mac and PlayStation 3 console. It installs cleanly; there are no codec packs to install, as they are part of the package.

PS3 Media Server for Mac lets you select a folder or multiple folders on your machine that will be shared with the PlayStation 3. From the PS3, you can browse the contents of the shared folders and launch any file there, with the file conversion being handled by PS3 Media Server for Mac. To test PS3 Media Server for Mac, we used an iMac and shared a folder on an external drive containing a number of movie files, then used wireless networking to stream them through to our PS3 and TV. It worked flawlessly, and PS3 Media Server for Mac supports all the standard video file formats.

PS3 Media Server for Mac is DLNA compliant and worked with all our test files. The real-time video encoding from Mac to PS3 was fast enough that we saw no artifacts. We did try using this with our Xbox 360, too, and got file playback from that, as well. PS3 Media Server for Mac works well.

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