Graphically stunning solitaire mahjong game

Match pairs of identical tiles to clear the gameboard with Moonlight Mahjong.

Moonlight Mahjong is a solitaire mahjong game in which you have to match two identical tiles in a pile, trying to remove all the tiles and be left with a clean playing field. Moonlight Mahjong has been available on iPad and iPhone for a while now, and has been ported to the Mac. Moonlight Mahjong installs easily.

Moonlight Mahjong offers four different types of games. The traditional tile-matching scramble game is the default, but there's also a challenge mode with no undo, a puzzle board version, and a relaxation mode, which won't let you lose. The graphics in Moonlight Mahjong are stunning, with lovely backgrounds and several designs of tiles. The 3D appearance is convincing. Moonlight Mahjong is probably the most attractive Solitaire Mahjong game we've seen on any platform. Gameplay is traditional, with undo and reshuffles available depending on game mode.

Moonlight Mahjong is a winner of a mahjong game graphically, and the game is fun to play if you like tile-matching games. While not the traditional four-player mahjong game, but the simpler solitaire variant, this is a solid game and it is a free download.

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