Recover files from disk reformat or partition changes

Drive corruption, partition changes, and reformatting doesn't mean your files are gone forever, thanks to this utility.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is an app designed to allow you to recover data from disk drives that have had a crash or sustained damage, either physical or logical. Whether you've accidentally deleted files or partitions, or had the disk go flaky on you, tools like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery become critical to recover information. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery installs easily.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery presents you with a number of capabilities. The primary goal of the software is to try to recover data from a drive that has been erased, tagged as reformatted, or undergone partition changes. If a drive has been corrupted, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can often recover many files, although success depends on the damage to the filesystem. The MiniTool Mac Data Recovery interface is clean and simple. There are four big icons to initiate the recovery process, depending on the type of damage you have sustained. We tested MiniTool Mac Data Recovery on several drives that had been reformatted or had partition changes committed, and it was successful in getting most of the files recovered in those scenarios. We also tried MiniTool Mac Data Recovery with an external drive that had suffered a head crash that disabled some of the drive area, and the utility recovered a good number of files.

While guaranteeing total recovery in cases of disk issues is impossible, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery does its best. We were impressed with it in our testing and would recommend it for anyone having issues. It's a nicely done utility, and a lifesaver when you need it.

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