There's a killer on the loose and you have to find them

Talk to suspects, investigate crime scenes, and figure out who the killer is before you get killed.

Who Is the Killer (Episode One) is the first of a series of mini games representing a detective game. As each day passes, someone dies, and your job is to figure out who is the killer. Who Is the Killer installs easily and is free.

Who Is the Killer is a fairly straightforward game graphically, with limited screen displays. You start with an image of people sitting around, and you can click on people or items to interact with them. A set of mini games adds to the puzzle, but the goal is to figure out which character is the murderer. You have to figure out the culprit within seven days, and all the suspects have motives for killing. As part of the challenge, you talk to individuals (who may lie to you) and check your own dreams for clues.

Who Is the Killer is not difficult, but does rely on a bit of logic, a bit of sleuthing (to figure out the liars), and a bit of luck. The game will attract different types of audiences, but it's not a hard-core game with a lot of repeatability. Still, as a good challenge for a few hours, it is worth the time investment. Future episodes will build on the premise and expand it.

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