Multiplayer shooter with great graphics

Find, shoot, and move on: Uberstrike HD has more than 300 weapons and gear to unlock or buy.

Uberstrike HD is an online shooter. It has been around for awhile now, and has a strong and dedicated following. Uberstrike HD is a free download, but you can purchase upgrade credits for varying prices that will give you better weapons and armor. Uberstrike HD installs easily.

Uberstrike HD starts with you choosing from more than 300 weapons and gear (most of which are not available when you start). As you go head-to-head with opponents, you can earn upgrades. Uberstrike HD is multiplayer, so you'll be competing against people around the world. Both death match and elimination games are common. The graphics in Uberstrike HD are striking, and in HD they can be stunning. Gameplay is what you would expect from a shooter: find the baddies and blow them to bits!

Uberstrike HD is a fun game if you like shooters. If you played Quake or a similar games, then Uberstrike HD will be familiar. We enjoyed our time playing Uberstrike HD, although the price of the really useful upgrades became significant after a while.

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