Sketchbook with the Copic color palette

Draw graphic illustrations using the Sketchbook tool with Copic marker colors.

Sketchbook Copic Edition is a drawing and illustration tool. Copic, for those unaware, manufacturers a line of markers, and they teamed up with Autodesk to create Sketchbook Copic Edition. Essentially a stripped-down version of Sketchbook Pro with branding and colors from Copic, this app lets you create illustrations using the Copic color palette.

Sketchbook Copic Edition installs easily. The Sketchbook interface will be familiar to many, with a set of drawing and shading tools available. You can use gesture-based systems to draw, and the app integrates with drawing tablets and pen systems well. The interface is clean and well laid out, and newcomers to Sketchbook will learn quickly. You can build up to six layers in an illustration, with full import and export capabilities. The color palette includes 72 Copic colors.

Sketchbook Copic Edition worked well in testing, but that's not a surprise, as Sketchbook is a mature and well-liked program. The addition of the Copic colors adds an interesting slant to the software, as Copic colors are often used for sweeping illustrations. Considering that Sketchbook Copic Edition is free, if you need to produce illustrations this is a winner of a package.

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