Search, spell-check, and speed up app launches

Make shortcuts for all your commonly used apps, as well as search your machine faster and more easily with Alfred for Mac.

Alfred for Mac is a tool designed to make it easier to locate files and applications and launch them faster. More than a simple search tool, Alfred for Mac analyzes your usage habits and can help make it easier and faster to access content on your Mac. Alfred for Mac installs quickly and easily.

One of the first things you'll see with Alfred for Mac is the ability to launch any application on your system with a shortcut. As you use your apps, Alfred for Mac watches to see which are the most commonly used and moves them higher up the list of apps (they can be triggered with a Command-number shortcut). Alfred for Mac is also a search tool, allowing you to search through files and their meta date. Search integrates with the Internet, too, if you want to search outside your machine. There are other features, such as the ability to issue system commands to speed up work, as well as a grammar and spelling checker and on-call calculator.

Alfred for Mac is a productivity tool that we found actually made us more productive. Sure, the shortcuts save a few keystrokes and a few seconds, but they all add up. For heavy-duty Mac users, Alfred for Mac will be a useful addition. It's free, so there's no reason not to try it.

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