Zombies are for blasting on the Zombie Frontier

Send zombies back where they belong with this free Android shooter.

The premise of Zombie Frontier is no mystery: Search-and-destroy missions aimed at greasing as many zombies as you can before you run out of ammo and are eaten (don't let that happen). The walking dead deserve no mercy, so you don't need to show them any by letting them off the hook when you're away from your screen. Feelingtouch's free Android app lets you waste time and zombies simultaneously from anywhere you and your phone happen to find yourselves.

Zombie Frontier starts out as any good shooter should, at the Weapons Store. Beginners get a M92F machine pistol, upgrade, and several clips of ammo. Eliminating the problem that is the worldwide zombie plague (which was caused by a plague, incidentally) earns you more cool stuff, which gives you more firepower and destructive capabilities, which earns you more stuff, and so on until the last zombie is down. But the last zombie is never down since there's always a new Mission. We accepted our first mission, which started with equipping our weapon. The game scenario is classic shooter, looking down your own arm at approaching zombies. To aim, you don't point the gun but drag the background into place; a bit counterintuitive, but we got used to it pretty quickly. However, we let three zombies get too close while we were still fiddling, and the game advised us to toss a grenade: problem solved, for the moment. You can tap to buy more ammo if you run out, which, of course, is very handy, and even switch guns, if you have two equipped. Like most games, you can turn the sound and music off. Clicking Store accesses your Bank, more weapons and ammo, and extras you can unlock, such as armor-piercing bullets. Ads pop up now and again, but they're not as bad as zombies, and much easier to deal with.

Zombies are hot these days, though you probably wouldn't want to date one (or maybe you have) -- but why bother when you can blast some instead? Zombie Frontier lets you dispatch the walking undead with ruthless efficiency any time, anywhere.

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