What's your IQ? Play What's My IQ? and find out

This free Android app twists your brain with clever puzzles and unusual answers.

So, your phone is smart. How smart are you? Maybe not as smart as you think. Play Orangenose Studios' free What's My IQ? and find out just how clever you aren't. This fun follow-up to Stupidness 2 & 3 tests your ability to think "out of the box" with a series of simple but clever puzzles with unexpected answers. It times you while you think (thanks a lot) but you can pause the game to get Cheats and Solutions, and then play again to improve your IQ score. The whole point is to sharpen your mind and develop creative thinking skills, but it doesn't hurt that it's also fun, particularly if you can laugh at yourself.

What's My IQ? has an interface and layout like many Android game apps, with colorful backgrounds and a few large, simple buttons like Play and Cheats. We pressed Settings, which let us turn the game's sound, music, and shock (vibration) on and off as well as reset scores and log in to Facebook. Then we tapped Play. The first puzzle asked us which of four numbers was the smallest. Well, we've seen that one before: We tapped the smallest number by physical size. But What's My IQ? had the last laugh when it turned the tables on us with an almost identical puzzle but a very different solution in our next go-around. Some solutions are a bit irritating. For example, you're instructed to tear a currency note in two. We tried, and then gave up and looked at the solution. It was what we'd first tried (no spoiler!) but evidently not hard enough. But most of the time you'll probably be much more irritated at yourself for overlooking the obvious answer. If there's a kid nearby, do yourself a favor and don't let them at this game. You'll only regret it.

Actually, we're joking: This is just the sort of fun and silly brain-twister that kids of all ages just can't get enough of. And if you've been a kid a while now, What's My IQ will help keep you sharp and quick in your wits, too.

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