Talk to Talking Ginger as he gets ready for bedtime

This cute talking kitty will make bedtime fun for kids!

Ginger is an adorable kitten who is very good about bedtime. When you talk to him, he talks back. He goes potty, showers, and, best of all, brushes his teeth with great diligence. Outfit7's Talking Ginger is a cute Android app that lets you help Ginger get ready for bed. Your kids will love Ginger, and he'll make them want to brush their teeth! We talked to Ginger in the latest Android release, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Before we could install the app, we had to agree to download an additional 41MB of game data. We're glad they asked, since not everyone has a lot of storage room on their Android gadget. We tapped OK, and in a few moments we got to meet Ginger, but not before agreeing (or not) to receive push notifications from Ginger that earn us free toothpaste and choosing whether to enable Child Mode. We tried the regular mode (it's kind of hard to call it "adult") first. We earned free toothpaste right away! We spoke to Ginger, and he repeated our greeting in his squeaky little voice. Next we found Ginger on the potty, taking mischievous swipes at the toilet paper role. We swiped the roll with our finger, advancing it, much to Ginger's relief. The more TP we swiped, the better he liked it. After that, we gave Ginger a shower and dried him off. Then he brushed his teeth; or, more precisely, we brushed them for him. Child Mode offers simplified play; for example, wee fingers will find it easier to brush Ginger's teeth. Talking Ginger has tons of extras, such as puzzles and videos, including those taken by other users.

We noticed that Ginger will pick up and repeat any sound he hears, not just your voice. It was strange to hear him chattering away like a keyboard as we typed! But kids will love Ginger and laugh at his faces. Best of all, this cute little tabby who likes to sass you back makes bedtime something to look forward to for those who sometimes feel it comes too soon!

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