Take Catan mobile (but not for cheap)

Board gamers can rejoice as their classic game is now in digital form, thanks to USM, and for a modest fee of $3.99.

You can now find all the familiar addicting gameplay of The Settlers of Catan spiced up with music, sound effects, and game stats on Android. Catan is a turn-based game in which you play as settlers on a newly explored island.

The goal is to gather a certain amount of victory points before the other players (the standard game requires 10). You can earn points by gathering resources and building settlements, accomplishing achievements, or buying victory point cards. Gather resources by building settlements on a resource-generating tile or trading with other players or the bank. Mastering the art of trade is one strategy to win, but trading too much could give other players an edge in expansion; not trading enough could prevent you from obtaining necessary materials to win.

Catan includes an interactive tutorial system and makes it friendly to old and new players alike. Play by yourself against up to three AI's, all with different personalities and play styles, or with your friends via the hot seat system (Physically handling your mobile device to the next player when it's their turn). Multiplayer isn't in the game yet but the developer has promised that it is coming soon.

Aside from the steep price tag and lack of multiplayer, we found in-game icons and text boxes annoyingly small while playing on tablets. This could be an even bigger issue to those running phones with higher resolutions as the buttons would be borderline unreadable. Combined with some major bugs such as being unable to play certain development cards (we couldn't play our Year of Plenty card having bought it the previous turn) and dubious dice rolls favoring CPU players, Catan could make for a frustrating time.

All the same, the core game is still amazingly fun (especially when playing with friends) and the faults will not deter die-hard followers from making their purchases. We recommend a buy for old fans who want to take Catan on the go, but newbies should try their hands on the board game first as to not spoil the experience.

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