A bit expensive for a Bible app, but some nicely presented supplemental content

Read the King James Bible with lots of annotations and extra content with an interesting interface twist.

Bible Glo is a Bible study tool that includes the King James translation in full. For Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Bible Glo provides a wealth of accompanying information and analyses as well as linked resources and media content. The app is easy to install. The free version of Bible Glo has some limitations, but upgrading to the premium version will cost you $34.99.

The Bible Glo interface opens with a set of icons that let you decide what your actions will be during the session. Bible Glo calls these "lenses" as they control how you see the app. The interface look and feel changes depending on the lens you are using. There's a traditional reader interface allowing you to work your way through chapter and verse, with annotations and links to give additional information, interpretation, and analysis of each part if you want to learn more. The text is supplemented by images, art, and video, some of it useful and some merely add-ins for illustration purposes. An annoying aspect is that Bible Glo wants to collect your Facebook information, which seems unnecessary.

There are many Bible study and reader apps on the market. While Bible Glo tries to provide a good interface and additional resources, we think the cost of the paid app is too high compared with other apps on the market. Still, the free version of Bible Glo is worth examining, and you may find that to you it's worth the cost of upgrading.

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