Adventure game with a smattering of mini games thrown in

Wander around a floating island looking for clues to your friend's location.

Inbetween Land is an adventure game. The premise is that a flying island suddenly appears over a city. One day Mary, who works in the city, disappears in a beam of light from the island. Your job is to go to the island and search for clues as to what happened. Inbetween Land installs easily. The free version of the app has a few levels, but to get to all the game offers you need to upgrade to the full version.

Inbetween Land is both an adventure game in which you collect clues by wandering around and interacting with the island's inhabitants, as well as a set of mini games. The games can be set to any of three difficulty levels, so you can bypass a difficult mini game without abandoning the game. The graphics in Inbetween Land are attractive and artistic, and the interface is easy to learn to use and work with. Eventually you collect enough gems and clues to locate Mary, and return to the city with her.

Inbetween Land is a clever game if you are into adventure and hunting games. The mini games add a nice interlude, but the basic gameplay is straightforward. The graphics are a strong point in the game, which makes it visually arresting. Since you can play enough of the game in the free app, you'll be able to decide if the upgrade to the full version is worth the money for you.

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