Link downloader and download manager in one

Download links and manage all downloads easily with Folx for Mac.

Folx for Mac is a download tool that also has the capability to suspend and resume downloads. When you visit a Web site, to download anything simply click on the link and Folx for Mac takes over, managing the download in the background while you continue to browse. Folx for Mac installs easily.

Folx for Mac really is two tools in one. The downloader automates the process of downloading some item from a link on a Web site. The download manager lets you halt and resume as well as prioritize any downloads already started. Folx for Mac can handle torrents and files attached to RSS feeds as easily as other links. If you have a limited bandwidth connection, or simply don't want to start downloads immediately, you can also use Folx for Mac to schedule downloads at a more convenient time. The free Folx for Mac app is full-featured, but limits the download speeds and won't allow scheduling. To unlock to maximum speed you need to purchase the Pro version for $19.95.

Folx for Mac worked fine in our testing. While there are a number of download managers available, Folx for Mac has a few features that are nice, such as iTunes integration automatically when an audio feed is downloaded. We suspect most people who are heavily into downloading will want the Pro version, but the free app is a good introduction to the features and also allows for more casual use.

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