FTP made easy with Filezilla Client for Mac

Moving files between local and remote systems has never been easier.

Filezilla Client for Mac is, as the name implies, a Filezilla version specifically designed for MacOS. Filezilla is an open-source FTP client, allowing you to upload and download files via the File Transfer Protocol using a graphical interface instead of a command line. Filezilla Client for Mac installs quickly and easily.

As you would expect, Filezilla Client for Mac supports FTP, as well as FTPS and SFTP. It supports a number of languages. The Filezilla Client for Mac interface is not complicated, although at first glance it can appear so. The main area of the interface is split into identical images of file and folder structures for both the local and remote machine. A command window shows what's happening above those two areas, and progress meters take over the rest of the screen. To use Filezilla Client for Mac, log into the remote file server (settings can be saved for fast repeats) and then both local and remote directory structures appear. You can use menu options, pop-up menus, or drag and drop methods to move files back and forth.

We've used Filezilla Client for Mac for years with no issue at all. One of the most solid FTP clients on the market, it also runs exactly the same way on Windows and Linux. You can build complex log-in processes and automate them, as well as manage to upload and download thousands of files with one command. For Mac OS users, Filezilla Client for Mac is the ideal FTP client.

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