Move photos from iPhoto to Facebook easily

Choose images and upload them to Facebook from iPhoto easily with this free app.

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac has a single role to play. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac is a plug-in to iPhoto that allows you to export your photos from within iPhoto into your Facebook account. The app is a free download that installs quickly.

To use Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac, you open your iPhoto app and select the images you want to export to Facebook. You can select multiple images if you wish. Once you have the images selected, using the Share option will automatically start the export to your Facebook account. Of course, you need to provide credentials for Facebook for the process to work. This means you need to log in again to Facebook to use the Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac plug-in, even if Facebook is already active. Since the app syncs the images between iPhoto and Facebook, this is a necessary step.

We used Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac to upload many images, although we did have the occasional glitch with tagged photos. We expect this idiosyncrasy will be fixed quickly, though. While a simple app, Facebook Exporter for iPhoto for Mac will be a hit with fans of Facebook who constantly update their page with new images.

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