See where your disk space went

Quickly examine disk usage and file properties with Disk Inventory X.

Disk Inventory X is a free disk utility for Mac OS X that gives you a summary of your disk usage, both in text and visually. Need to know how much space is being taken up on your drives by photos or audio files? Disk Inventory X will give you the answer quickly.

The program is easy to install, and its interface is clean. When you run it there's a simple disk selector dialog, which expands to a larger window. A standard hierarchical view of your drive in the left pane shows you the total size of each folder or file. In the interface's right pane is a colorful graphical representation of the types of files on your drive. Each file type is color-coded, so you can see how much space a particular type of file occupies. If you want to see all the tags and information associated with any file or folder, you need only click on it and a pop-up shows all the information the OS has on the item.

Disk Inventory X worked fine for us, and gave us a handy view of our disk usage. The graphical interface lets you see at a glance how much space is used by particular file types; for most people video and audio files will be the majority. Considering Disk Inventory X is a free app, this would be a useful addition to any Mac system.

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