Folders for your desktop, made easy

Create folders, drag and drop files in or out, and get organized with Desktop Groups Lite.

Desktop Groups Lite is a free version of a paid ($5.99) app that lets you create folders on your Mac's desktop. Desktop Groups Lite lets you create a folder and drag and drop files into it, or drag them out, to manage the folder's contents. The app installs quickly and easily, but the free app is limited to five folders total.

A clean desktop is a necessity for some; others like a wild collection of icons scattered all over. If you fall into the first category, Desktop Groups Lite is for you. You can assemble all your image files in one folder, or add all the files for a particular project, for example. The folder options let you set the name, as well as adjust the colors of the background so you can more easily identify the folder. Drag-and-drop works well, making it easy to manipulate the contents of the folder.

Desktop Groups Lite is a simple utility that many people will love because it gives them an easy way to keep things organized. The Lite version's limit of five folders will be enough for many people, but you can upgrade to the full version if you need more folders.

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