Get a full suite of system maintenance tools with Windows Doctor

Take care of performance, security, and more with this full-featured program.

Most people know that computers require regular maintenance, even if they're not quite sure what that should consist of. Windows Doctor provides a suite of utilities that can keep your machine running at its best by addressing a wide range of performance and security issues. If you're in the market for something that will take care of problems without asking too much of you in the way of decision-making, Windows Doctor is a good choice.

The program's interface is sleek and intuitive, with its features arranged in tabs labeled System Booster, System Security, Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner, and Advanced tools. Users can select the particular issues that they want the program to address with a series of check boxes in each tab; the System Booster tab, for example, includes a Hardware Optimizer, System Optimizer, Application Optimizer, and so on. This isn't a program for people who ask a lot of questions; there's no Help file, and if you want to know what it actually means to optimize your system, you're not going to get any answers. Windows Doctor selects all of the options by default, and we went with its recommendation and then had it perform its scan. It returned a list of things that it thought needed to be optimized, and we let it do its work. The result was noticeably faster performance and no obvious issues. In the System Security and Registry Cleaner tabs are where the program's trial limitations become obvious; it will only fix five security issues and 10 registry errors. The trial version is also incapable of clearing browser histories, though that's easy enough to do manually. Advanced tools include data recovery, a disk cleaner, and a disk analyzer. Overall, Windows Doctor offers an impressive suite of utilities, and we think it's worth trying out. Many users will likely find it worth an upgrade to the full version.

Windows Doctor installs and uninstalls without issues.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Windows Doctor 2.7.3.

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