Tiny Flashlight + LED is a bunch of cool lights in one Android app

Add an LED flashlight, Morse code flasher, police light, and more with this free Android app.

Most Android flashlight apps are extremely simple: on and off. Some add battery meters. Then there's Nikolay Ananiev's Tiny Flashlight + LED. Like most of the others, it's free, though it does have ad banners. No big deal, because it's way more than just an LED flashlight for your smartphone. Like what? For starters, it includes a prominent battery meter. The illuminated, color-coded Power button glows green for on and blue for off. But tap the Options button, and Tiny Flashlight's awesome extras come to light.

We installed Tiny Flashlight in a new smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We pressed the app's Power button, and our phone's LED lit up like a proper flashlight should. We moved on to Options, which includes the app's settings, such as a Shake on Lock Screen for the LED light, sound effects, and other general choices. The first light we could choose was the default flashlight, but the next one we tapped was a Screen Light. Turning it on illuminated our entire screen in bright white light, though not as bright as the LED. The outline of the Power switch remained visible. What's next? How about a Morse code flasher? Text to Morse flashes SOS or any message you want to type. Next up was something cooler still, a strobe light (with a warning that strobes can cause seizures in some individuals). The Warning Lights shows a high-res image of two yellow safety lights that flash in sequence. The Light Bulb changes background color when you swipe the screen, and tapping turns it on. The color light also changes color and brightness when you swipe up or down, filling the screen with a soft colored illumination you can vary continuously. Last but not least, the Police Light flashes red to blue. The Apps button leads to other downloads.

The only thing wrong with Tiny Flashlight + LED is battery life: With so many awesome lights to use, you might let your battery run down. The app's built-in battery meter is invaluable for preventing such unpleasantness. And don't get lost in the wilderness without the Morse code flasher!

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